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The  memories of an erotic masseuse

The Masseuse

Is an erotic massage only for men?

Definitely not. Men are the most common clients, but there are also couples who want to share an erotic experience, and even women who want to enjoy an erotic massage by themselves. Obviously, the massages vary in each situation, as treating a couple is different from...

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Workers or slaves?

In general, society mistakenly believes that all women who work in the field of sexuality are slaves, that they work because they are forced by threatening and abusive criminal organizations. Unfortunately, this does happen in the world, but it is not the norm. I have...

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Are erotic massage centers discreet places?

Massage therapists know discretion is the foundation of their business - without discretion, there are no customers. Some customers may not care about discretion, but the masseuse is always discreet. When a client arrives at a massage center, the entrance is quick,...

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Tantric massage Vs erotic massage

Tantric massage is a practice derived from the Tantric philosophy, which has its roots in the ancient traditions of India. The goal of tantric massage is to create a deeper connection between the body and mind, through the exploration of sexual energy and pleasure. In...

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Who I am? Why this blog?

For years, sex and eroticism were very important factors in my life, coming to dominate me completely. Without understanding the taboo it represents in society, I decided to combine profession and pleasure in a discreet way. I've been an erotic masseuse for a while, I...

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