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Workers or slaves?



In general, society mistakenly believes that all women who work in the field of sexuality are slaves, that they work because they are forced by threatening and abusive criminal organizations. Unfortunately, this does happen in the world, but it is not the norm. I have been in various places and countries working as a masseuse, escort, or manager, and I have never encountered a woman who worked against her will. All the women were masseuses or escorts because they wanted to be. Who are the women forced to work? They are usually women in the hands of criminal organizations who lack legal residency documents in the country (human trafficking).

Typically, women who work in the erotic or sexual industry do so because they want to. Many of them are single mothers who do not receive financial support from the fathers of their children. They may be immigrants, but they always have valid residence papers because the company provides them with a work contract. The police conduct inspections, ensuring that all workers are legally employed by the company.
I must clarify that I am referring to developed countries, and my experience primarily applies to Europe. In countries with a low economy or conflicts, the situation can be quite different

In conclusion, «human trafficking» is one thing, and a sex worker is another. It is incorrect to mix up these concepts. Masseuses or escorts have chosen their profession; they work because they want to. Some do it solely for money, others because they enjoy it, but they are not obligated to work and can change their profession whenever they want.