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Tantric massage Vs erotic massage

Tantric massage Vs erotic massage

Tantric massage is a practice derived from the Tantric philosophy, which has its roots in the ancient traditions of India. The goal of tantric massage is to create a deeper connection between the body and mind, through the exploration of sexual energy and pleasure.

In a tantric massage, a slow and gentle massage technique is used, with the intention of generating a feeling of relaxation and comfort in the person receiving the massage. A variety of techniques are used, including the application of oils and the stimulation of erogenous zones to increase sexual excitement.

However, it is important to note that the goal of tantric massage is not orgasm or ejaculation, but rather, it focuses on the connection and exploration of the body and mind. Through the practice of tantric massage, one can increase awareness and sensitivity of the body and sexual energy, which can lead to greater intimacy and connection with a partner.

On the other hand, erotic massage is focused on experiencing an erotic experience with sexual release. The training of the girls depends on the center where they work. Luxury centers have each massage well defined and the masseuses must pass a test before being able to perform each massage. In other centers, the girls may not even be trained, and they are only given a menu of massages. As you can see, there is a wide variety in terms of the training of the masseuses.

How to know if your massage is erotic or tantric? Tantric masseurs have specific training focused on the healing of sexuality, which is very expensive, and the masseuses who specialize in it work as independent therapists. Therefore, if you go to a massage center, the experience you will have will be erotic and not tantric. Actually, most erotic masseuses are or have been prostitutes, so even though sex is prohibited in the massage center, they may provide the service secretly, which is why the client must be discreet, as it could harm the masseuse.

Who I am? Why this blog?

For years, sex and eroticism were very important factors in my life, coming to dominate me completely. Without understanding the taboo it represents in society, I decided to combine profession and pleasure in a discreet way. I’ve been an erotic masseuse for a while, I tried being a scort and I didn’t like it, I was also in charge of a scort girls’ flat. Undoubtedly, each of these stages I keep as a great treasure in my memory, because no one who does not belong to the world I am talking about can understand the infinity of adventures, mischief, eroticism, pleasure and a thousand other sensations experienced.
Although I tried various professions, I prefer working as an erotic masseuse compared to the world of scorting, because it is simply a double game, since I am the one who selects the client with whom I want to have sex, being able to reject whomever I please. I feel powerful as a woman, dominating the most basic instincts of men. I feel like a goddess, who through eroticism fulfills her sexual desires.
Through this blog, I want to share my experience, my adventures, talk about different erotic and sexual techniques, explain tricks and problems in the world of erotic massage, also known as massage with a happy ending. I would like to teach you the process of giving massages and making educational, erotic and sexual videos. To develop this project, a lot of time, work and money are needed; That’s why I ask for your patience and support.

Mireia Kubick