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Who I am? Why this blog?



For years, sex and eroticism were very important factors in my life, coming to dominate me completely. Without understanding the taboo it represents in society, I decided to combine profession and pleasure in a discreet way. I’ve been an erotic masseuse for a while, I tried being a scort and I didn’t like it, I was also in charge of a scort girls’ flat. Undoubtedly, each of these stages I keep as a great treasure in my memory, because no one who does not belong to the world I am talking about can understand the infinity of adventures, mischief, eroticism, pleasure and a thousand other sensations experienced.
Although I tried various professions, I prefer working as an erotic masseuse compared to the world of scorting, because it is simply a double game, since I am the one who selects the client with whom I want to have sex, being able to reject whomever I please. I feel powerful as a woman, dominating the most basic instincts of men. I feel like a goddess, who through eroticism fulfills her sexual desires.
Through this blog, I want to share my experience, my adventures, talk about different erotic and sexual techniques, explain tricks and problems in the world of erotic massage, also known as massage with a happy ending. I would like to teach you the process of giving massages and making educational, erotic and sexual videos. To develop this project, a lot of time, work and money are needed; That’s why I ask for your patience and support.

Mireia Kubick