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Undoubtedly, the atmosphere is crucial when it comes to receiving an erotic massage, as tranquility and peace help release tension during the session. Personally, I believe that the best option is individual rooms prepared for each experience. While getting a massage in an apartment can offer discreet entry, it’s not the same as going to a fully equipped massage center. How do they differ? Well, the rooms in a proper center are much more spacious, often equipped with a shower inside the room. Some even have specially designed structures for body-to-body massages or tantric divans. Obviously, I prefer luxury, and if given the choice, I would opt for a fully prepared center. However, I must admit that finding such places can be quite challenging, and it is more common to come across apartments and establishments that are well-arranged but lack showers in the rooms. It’s best to avoid places that offer massages on a bed since it’s not an ideal setting for a massage. Instead, it’s preferable to have the massage performed on a tatami mat.

In addition, there should always be low lighting, only from candles or a small lamp. The temperature should be comfortable without direct airflow, and the scents should be clean, with essences or incense, never unpleasant odors. And of course, discretion is key, so each client should also be mindful not to shout or leave the room on their own without the masseuse’s permission. Enjoy the experience!

Is an erotic massage only for men?

Definitely not. Men are the most common clients, but there are also couples who want to share an erotic experience, and even women who want to enjoy an erotic massage by themselves. Obviously, the massages vary in each situation, as treating a couple is different from treating a man or a woman individually. It’s possible that in some countries there are massage places exclusively for women, but I haven’t been able to confirm this yet (I would love to experience such a thing, it’s a fantasy). In another post, I will explain the experience of giving a couple’s massage, as it requires some extra psychology and can be done in various ways. If you know of any places in the world where there are special or unique rooms for erotic massage, or exclusively for women, please let me know in your comment.

Workers or slaves?

Workers or slaves?

In general, society mistakenly believes that all women who work in the field of sexuality are slaves, that they work because they are forced by threatening and abusive criminal organizations. Unfortunately, this does happen in the world, but it is not the norm. I have been in various places and countries working as a masseuse, escort, or manager, and I have never encountered a woman who worked against her will. All the women were masseuses or escorts because they wanted to be. Who are the women forced to work? They are usually women in the hands of criminal organizations who lack legal residency documents in the country (human trafficking).

Typically, women who work in the erotic or sexual industry do so because they want to. Many of them are single mothers who do not receive financial support from the fathers of their children. They may be immigrants, but they always have valid residence papers because the company provides them with a work contract. The police conduct inspections, ensuring that all workers are legally employed by the company.
I must clarify that I am referring to developed countries, and my experience primarily applies to Europe. In countries with a low economy or conflicts, the situation can be quite different

In conclusion, «human trafficking» is one thing, and a sex worker is another. It is incorrect to mix up these concepts. Masseuses or escorts have chosen their profession; they work because they want to. Some do it solely for money, others because they enjoy it, but they are not obligated to work and can change their profession whenever they want.


Are erotic massage centers discreet places?

Massage therapists know discretion is the foundation of their business – without discretion, there are no customers. Some customers may not care about discretion, but the masseuse is always discreet.

When a client arrives at a massage center, the entrance is quick, and there may be a double door to prevent clients from being seen waiting outside. Alternatively, there may always be a woman near the door to open it in just a few seconds. Once the client enters the massage center, they are taken directly to a private room or booth where no one can see them, and the women make sure that two clients do not encounter each other in the hallway. Even if the client needs to use the bathroom, one of the girls will be waiting at the door or very close by to ensure that no one sees who their client is.

There is always discretion inside the massage center, so the client must also be discreet and not walk around the hallways without permission or open any doors without the guidance of their masseuse.

The massage center may be located in a storefront directly on the street or on a higher floor of a building. If it’s on a higher floor, neighbors may be aware of its existence, so it is recommended to take the elevator to a higher floor and then take the stairs down to avoid being seen. Massage centers located in buildings do not have signs, as they are hidden for the sake of discretion.

Another option for erotic massage businesses is to provide massage services camouflaged within another business. For example, there may be a massage area at the back of a men’s hair salon. It’s normal for men to enter a hair salon, and once inside, they can decide what type of service they want.

Tantric massage Vs erotic massage

Tantric massage Vs erotic massage

Tantric massage is a practice derived from the Tantric philosophy, which has its roots in the ancient traditions of India. The goal of tantric massage is to create a deeper connection between the body and mind, through the exploration of sexual energy and pleasure.

In a tantric massage, a slow and gentle massage technique is used, with the intention of generating a feeling of relaxation and comfort in the person receiving the massage. A variety of techniques are used, including the application of oils and the stimulation of erogenous zones to increase sexual excitement.

However, it is important to note that the goal of tantric massage is not orgasm or ejaculation, but rather, it focuses on the connection and exploration of the body and mind. Through the practice of tantric massage, one can increase awareness and sensitivity of the body and sexual energy, which can lead to greater intimacy and connection with a partner.

On the other hand, erotic massage is focused on experiencing an erotic experience with sexual release. The training of the girls depends on the center where they work. Luxury centers have each massage well defined and the masseuses must pass a test before being able to perform each massage. In other centers, the girls may not even be trained, and they are only given a menu of massages. As you can see, there is a wide variety in terms of the training of the masseuses.

How to know if your massage is erotic or tantric? Tantric masseurs have specific training focused on the healing of sexuality, which is very expensive, and the masseuses who specialize in it work as independent therapists. Therefore, if you go to a massage center, the experience you will have will be erotic and not tantric. Actually, most erotic masseuses are or have been prostitutes, so even though sex is prohibited in the massage center, they may provide the service secretly, which is why the client must be discreet, as it could harm the masseuse.